May 7th, 2014

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VIDEO: Actors KAITLIN DOUBLEDAY & ADAM JOHNSON Issue a Challenge to Reach 1000 Backers | Kickstarter

VIDEO: Actors KAITLIN DOUBLEDAY and ADAM JOHNSON Issue a Challenge to Reach 1000 Backers


Fellow and Future Warriors!

We have passed the midpoint of the campaign. Time is running out and it is time to turn up the heat! Check out this video from Kaitlin Doubleday and Adam Johnson, our leading lovers from Dragon Warriors.  Their chemistry is palpable. Aren't they just so cute together? BTW a little backstory to help you understand the video. Kaitlin was upset that she never got to jump on the stunt trampoline that we used for the goblin scene. Somehow she grew up all these years and NEVER has set foot on a trampoline. It's a travesty, I know, so she came up with a way to redeem that dream of hers in this video. Check it out. :)

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Keep sharing the Kickstarter link, personally make your friends sit down at their computers and watch as they become backers. Whatever it takes, let's reach that 1000 backer point. Even if they only do $1 each, its about total backers!  Help make a girl's dream come true! Less than 2 weeks left but we can do it!


Dragon Warriors Team


Also, Amber Benson & Anthony Stewart Head (re)tweeted their support:

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James Marsters: Even with bad teeth, he still looks good! (Photo Meme) | Dragon Warriors

Even with bad teeth, he still looks good!

Meme Creator - Do I have something In my teeth? James Marsters : Dragon Warriors
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