May 18th, 2014

dragon warriors

DRAGON WARRIORS Kickstarter Update: WE DID IT!!! - STRETCH GOAL UPDATE | @DWarriorsMovie


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You're all so awesome! Thanks to you, we've met our initial goal of $200,000! It's been such an adventure for us and we're excited to have you along for the rest of the ride.

Dragon Warriors is an ambitious project, and we're big dreamers. With this funding we'll be able to make these big dreams come true, but just imagine what we could do with a little bit more!

From marketing to visual effects and sound, every dollar counts, so we're dreaming even bigger and shooting for a stretch goal of $220,000! It's a crazy goal for the time we have left, but you've proven that anything is possible!

As a thank you to all of those who pledged above and beyond what they were initially thinking, we would like to offer anyone whose total pledge is over $100 (including add ons) a credit as a "Kickstarter Backer" in the official credits of Dragon Warriors!

And don't forget all of the rewards are exclusive Kickstarter collectibles and they are going to be worth much more when this movie hits big so make sure to take advantage and pledge while you still can!

Battle on Warriors!

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dragon warriors

Dragon Warrior panel at Salt Lake City FanX Comic Con with James Marsters | YouTube

Dragon Warrior panel at Salt Lake City FanX Comic Con with James Marsters

Published on May 17, 2014
Partial video of the panel Q&A at Salt Lake Fax Experience comic con on Saturday, April 19, 2014. Featuring James Marsters, Maclain Nelson, Adam Johnson, etc.

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