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James Marsters News + Live Journal

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Eliza Dushku & Date Change Announced for BUFFY FanMeet | @KLZ_FanMeets
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@KLZ_FanMeets 4:21 AM
@elizadushku is the last guest #BUFFYFanMeet together with James Marsters & Nicholas Brendon klzevents.com/BuffyFanMeet/e… pic.twitter.com/U4diYxam52


29/06/2014 Last Guest Announcement:

We have the pleasure to announce our last guest for BUFFY FanMeet today. As we promissed, here you have the amazing girl: ELIZA DUSHKU. And with this announcement, we need to change the dates just one week after the actual ones: December 13th and 14th in Frankfurt, Germany. We'll announce the final venue soon. So, the poster for this KLZ FanMeet is: ELIZA DUSHKU, JAMES MARSTERS and NICHOLAS BRENDON!

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