July 12th, 2014

kessi blue

James & Jasmin Marsters Producing Short Film KESSI BLUE (Help Fund It!) | JM-TOP

Hello citizens!
James here writing from the set of Witches of East End, starring Julia Ormond. I'm having the time of my life. Vancouver is amazing, the people are gorgeous, and my role is dangerous and adorable.
As usual I'm keeping busy. Jasmin Marsters and I are producing a short film called 'Kessi Blue'. It's about a young woman who is searching for her identity and finds herself in a world turned upside down. We're funding it through Indiegogo, and have come up with a great program of 'bribes' to get people interested. We've got autographed pictures, personalized video messages, conversations over Skype, and even a private brunch all with me. We've even got a special treat planned for you all if we met our funding target!
Head over to the 'Kessi Blue's campaign page for details and a short video of Jasmin and I. www.igg.me/at/kessiblue
Hoping you're happy,
James Marsters
Kessi Blue

KESSI BLUE is a film about a woman, living the life she longs to have, but couldn't be further away from.

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