September 3rd, 2014

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James Marsters Awesome Con Washington DC VIP Package | @AwesomeCon

Have you heard? How could you not have heard?

James Marsters is coming to DC in May and we have a sweet VIP package available for those ultimate fans!

James Marsters VIP Benefits:

Admission all three days
A special James Marsters badge
A ticket for one autograph and one photo op with James Marsters
You also get to jump the line for that autograph and that photo op with James
Guaranteed seating for James' Q&A
Also includes all the benefits of the Geekend VIP, like a sweet t-shirt, collector's lanyard, an exclusive limited-edition art print, an exclusive limited-edition comic book, other line-cutting priveleges, and early access to the exhibit hall on Saturday and Sunday.

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