September 7th, 2014


WITCHES OF EAST END "Smells Like King Spirit" Promo (video ft James Marsters) | @WitchesEastEnd

ETA: This is actually the trailer for episode 2x09 "Smells Like King Spirit"

@WitchesEastEnd 4:19 AM
Will #Frillian stay forever cursed or will they find a way around fate? Take a peek at tomorrow's #WitchesOfEastEnd!…

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Lifetime's Witches of East End - 2x08 "Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake" promo #3

Promo for the 2x08 "Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake" episode of Lifetime's tv series Witches of East End starring Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Mädchen Amick, Eric Winter and Daniel Di Tomasso.

Property of Lifetime ©. No copyright infringement intended or implied.

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