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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

Ottawa Pop Expo Celebrity Q&A Schedules (inc James Marsters & Emma Caulfield) | @PopExpoOttawa
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Celebrity Q&A  |  Saturday and Sunday

Celebrity Q&A

This is the perfect opportunity to hear celebrity speakers from your favorite sci-fi, horror, action and fantasy movies and television talk about their experiences in the business and their current or upcoming projects. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and be entertained in person by your favorite celebrity.


12:00    Robert Picardo    Hall 4
13:00    Rob Archer    Meeting Room B
15:00    James Marsters and Emma Caulfield    Hall 4
17:00    John Barrowman    Hall 4
17:00    Noelle Hannibal    Meeting Room B


11:30    Celebrity Q&A with Joe Flanigan    Hall 4
12:30    Celebrity Q&A with Nicole de Boer    Meeting Room B
13:00    Celebrity Q&A with Allison Mack    Hall 4
14:30    Celebrity Q&A with Brandon Routh    Hall 4

Times are subject to change. Please check schedules on site, in front of each hall.


James Marsters at Tulsa Comic Con (Q&A Panel Video) | YouTube
con news

James Marsters at Tulsa Comic Con

James Marsters Q&A panel at Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con on November 8th. I was in the front row. James was hilarious and it was a great panel.

Sorry for any movement in the video. My hands were a little shaky and I had to hand it off to another person twice.

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