December 6th, 2014

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Xivents HellMouth Convention Cancelled (James Marsters was a guest) | @Xivent

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We are sad to announce you the cancelation of the HellMouth convention. Unfortunately the sale of the pass never increased, only 100 of you took their pass. We also tried to do the best we could by announcing recently Amy Acker who only attends a few convention but it didn’t changed anything. Moreover, Buffy/Angel conventions are now organized here and there in Europe, thus it’s more and more complicated to move the European Fans.

As some of you know it already, this kind of event requires an important budget. As a non-profit making association, we do all our events based on the sale of the pass. Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to make that event profitable.

Of course all the Fans will be refunded. You will receive it within this month. For those who payed via the online ticketing, Le Pot Commun will refund you directly. For those who payed by wire transfer, please give us as soon as possible your bank informations for a wire transfer. Please give us also your name/first name as well as your purchase and your bank informations (IBAN and BIC) at:

We are truly sorry regarding the cancelation of the event. Please know that this decision was a hard decision for us and we are sad to do it. We hope that you understand that we are not responsible for the failure of the convention. We all are also Fans of Buffy/Angel and it would had been a great pleasure to welcome Eliza Dushku, James Marsters, Amy Acker and you of course. Thank you to the people who bought their pass and we hope to see you someday at one of our events.

We never start out the losing party, if someday we have the chance to do that convention, we will do it…

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