October 8th, 2015

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James Marsters Wants YOU in Salt Lake City for DRAGON WARRIORS Premiere | @DWarriorsMovie

JAMES MARSTERS is coming to Salt Lake City!
And he wants YOU to join him for premiere screening of "DRAGON WARRIORS". Don't disappoint Lord Tensley....bad things will happen.


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Ghost of the Vampire: The James Marsters Interview, Part 1 | @MightyVille

Ghost of the Vampire: The James Marsters Interview, Part 1

Created on Monday, 05 October 2015 14:45
Written by Joe Kach


You may know him as the charismatic yet conflicted vampire legend named Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But James Marsters, an undaunted thespian, has taken on so much more, permanently cementing himself in American lore.  From Buffy, to Smallville, to Torchwood, to being a bona fide rock star, James is a man of many talents. At this year's Wizard World San Jose, the actor sat down with MightyVille's Joe Kach and Sommer K over drinks and coffee-filled thermoses to talk music, theater, movies, and more in Part 1 of our exclusive interview!

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