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October 31st, 2015

con news

MegaCon Fan Days 2015 Photo Ops Schedule (inc James Marsters) | @MegaConvention

MegaCon Fan Days Event Schedule

For the weekend of November 21-22 at Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, FL:

MegaCon Fan Days 2015

Individual Photo OpsSaturdaySunday
James Marsters5:00pm11:45am
Jason Isaacs4:00pm12:30pm
John Rhys-Davies2:30pm2:00pm
Karen Allen3:15pm1:30pm
Paul McGann12:30pm3:30pm
Ryan Hurst12:00pm1:15pm
Sean Astin1:30pm3:00pm
Sean Maher1:00pm12:15pm

Team Up Photo Ops


Indiana Jones (Allen & Rhys-Davies)3:00pm1:45pm
Lord of the Rings (Astin & Rhys-Davies)2:00pm2:30pm

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