November 20th, 2015

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James Marsters on His Way to Orlando for @MegaConvention | @JamesMarstersOf

@JamesMarstersOf 5:52 AM
Packing my bag for Orlando,looking forward to @MegaConvention if you come see me in a Buffy/T-wood/ costume I'll put your video on my Fbook!

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@JamesMarstersOf 8:54 AM
My head's in the clouds over Florida. Beautiful.

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Fans! Fantasy! Family! MegaCon Fan Days are here (James Marsters Interview) | @OrlandoSentinel

Fans! Fantasy! Family! MegaCon Fan Days are here

 Contact Reporter Orlando Sentinel
MegaCon Fan Days are Saturday and Sunday at the Orange County Convention Center

James Marsters, who played sarcastic vampire Spike on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," turns downright sunny about fan conventions.

"I find them to be really fun. I meet the most interesting people," Marsters says. "An interesting phenomenon happens when someone is watching an actor over a course of years and hasn't had a chance to applaud. There's a huge buildup."

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