November 25th, 2015

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Video Interview - James Marsters: Music, mayhem and John Barrowman | @gaycalgary

Video Interview - James Marsters

Music, mayhem and John Barrowman

Celebrity Interview by Mars Tonic (From GayCalgary® Magazine, November 2015, page 11)

James Marsters hooked us when he took on the role of Spike in Joss Whedon’s hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he is one of those people that gets better with age. Over a decade later, he’s still an easy man to love.

Getting a chance to speak to him was difficult – he was very in demand by his fans when he stopped at the Edmonton Expo this year – but he was able to spare a few minutes for us to talk about what was currently happening, specifically in regards to his music. James fronts the band Ghost of the Robot, and has been releasing music with them since 2003. Their newest album Bourgeois Faux Pas is debuting this year.

"This album is a return to our hard-driving pop sound of our first album," he said. "Our first album was just really ferocious pop rock music, but it was also very raw, because we were new. And we have learned a lot about music production, so we’ve applied that to that sound. So there’s a glimmer and a gloss to that now." The album is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and the band’s website, If you want to hear the music, that is your best bet because, at the moment, touring is somewhat crippled.

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