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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

Clare Kramer Tweets Photos with James Marsters from #BuffyAngelFanMeet | @ClareKramer
con news
@ClareKramer 4:43 AM
Thank you Brussels!!!! It was a blast. See you soon! @ Gare de Bruxelles-Midi Station Brussel-Zuid instagram.com/p/BBNlSIgyZ9d/

@ClareKramer 5:43 AM
Here a picture of me and jamesmarstersof where I obviously said something really brilliant &… instagram.com/p/BBNsG5UyZ_J/

Nicholas Brendon, Kristine Sutherland, Clare Kramer & James Marsters 2016-01-31 James Marsters & Clare Kramer Buffy Angel FanMeet 2016-01-31

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James Marsters, Clare Kramer, Kristine Sutherland & Nicholas Brendon Photos | @KLZ_Events
con news
@KLZ_Events 11:31 PM 31 Jan
Trivial time with #JamesMarsters & #kristinesutherland #buffyangelfanmeet #btvsinstagram.com/p/BBNBkNfD6pT/

@KLZ_Events 12:17 AM
#jamesmarsters & #clarekramer during #Trivia & Q&A panel at #BuffyangelFanMeet #BTVS #BUFFY @… instagram.com/p/BBNGxgyj6kL/

@KLZ_Events 3:21 AM
#JamesMarsters on the stage!! #buffyangelfanmeet #buffythevampireslayer #btvs #klz_fanmeetinstagram.com/p/BBNb7mvD6mh/

@KLZ_Events 4:54 AM
Thank you people in Brussels & thank you the guests #jamesmarsters #nicholasbrendon #clarekramerinstagram.com/p/BBNmfVXD6jC/

@KLZ_FanMeets 4:59 AM
Thank you Brussels for a great weekend at #BuffyAngelFanMeet! You were awesome!!

#KLZ_Team #buffy #btvs pic.twitter.com/3ZZoqJkR2H

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My Tweets
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James Marsters News; manually posted:

Again, if you want to see all of the tweets from the con this weekend, you can either check them out directly on my twitter page or check out the compilation of ALL those tweets and Instagram posts, etc at the Buffy Angel FanMeet DKSC Yahoo topic (which I am including in this post as well, right at the very end of the post):

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James Marsters & Nicholas Brendon Buffy Angel FanMeet Videos x 4 | @Sarcastic_Minx
con news
Here are 4 videos of James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer & Kristine Sutherland at Buffy Angel FanMeet; with thanks to @Sarcastic_Minx:

Buffy Fanmeet Brussels 'My way 'Collapse )

James and Nicky talking about funny moments on setCollapse )

Nicky trying british accentCollapse )

About the Musical episodeCollapse )

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