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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

James Marsters' Ghost of the Robot Live at Portland Comic Con! (Video) | @GhostoftheRobot
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@GhostoftheRobot 8:49 AM
I posted a new video to Facebook fb.me/3EtGODFNU

Ghost of the Robot was live.

Video Behind the CutCollapse )

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James Marsters Portland Comic Con Photos & Videos x 2 | @SupportSpike
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Photos Behind the CutCollapse )

James Discussing Video GamesCollapse )

James Discussing Dresden FilesCollapse )

James Marsters Portland Comic Con Videos x 3 | @CONtvChannel
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Here are 3 videos from James Marsters Wizard World Portland Comic Con Q&A panel; with thanks to CONtv:

Buffy's James Marsters High Score + Playing Super Mario BrothersCollapse )

James Marsters (Spike) compares Buffy to Angel!Collapse )

Buffy's James Marsters Loves Star TrekCollapse )

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