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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

07:48 am: James Marsters Voicing Lex Luthor in DC Universe Online Video | @DCUO
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03:21 pm: James & Jasmin Marsters at DUDES & DRAGONS Hollywood Premiere (Photo) | @JasminMarsters1
04:37 pm: James Marsters to Attend St Louis, Minneapolis, Columbus, Richmond, Austin & Tulsa Comic Cons 2016
10:14 pm: James Marsters DUDES & DRAGONS Hollywood Premiere Photos | @GettyImages
05:50 am: Interview with James Marsters on Dudes & Dragons | @whedonopolis
07:24 am: James Marsters DUDES & DRAGONS Premiere Videos x 2 | Amber C Drew‎
09:00 am: More James Marsters DUDES & DRAGONS Hollywood Premiere Photos | @GettyImages
11:18 am: James Marsters Talks About His Latest Film: DUDES & DRAGONS (Interview) | @SciFi4Me
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08:03 am: Slack Jaw Punks Ep148: James Marsters! (Podcast Interview) | @SlackJawPunks
09:17 am: EXCLUSIVE: Actor James Marsters Talks to the PoG about Villains, Star Wars, How He Could Play Spike
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05:46 am: Saturday Morning Cereal-Swords, Sorcerers, Dudes and Dragons with James Marsters (Interview) | @Stay
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09:25 am: Questions, Answers And Song With James Marsters At Wizard World Portland 2016 | @bleedingcool
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08:19 am: James Marsters Shares Flight to Lexington Video | @JamesMarstersOf
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09:46 am: Fun interviews at Pasadena International Film Festival (inc Jasmin & James Marsters) | @WTHdidshesay
11:29 am: James Marsters Lexington Comic & Toy Con Concert Video | JM-TOP
12:47 pm: James Marsters Lexington Comic & Toy Con Concert Photos & Videos | @SupportSpike
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05:56 am: James Marsters' one man acoustic concert (Lex Con Video) | @lex_con
06:31 am: James Marsters & Eliza Dushku Lexington Comic & Toy Con Photo & Video | @SupportSpike
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08:14 am: James Marsters Tweets Video from Lexington Comic & Toy Con (ft Eliza Dushku) | @JamesMarstersOf
08:24 am: New England Super Megafest Comic Con Event Schedule (inc James Marsters) | @megafestcon
08:34 am: James Marsters St Louis Comic Con Photo Ops Schedule | @WizardWorld
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08:06 am: James Marsters' Ghost of the Robot Working on Dual Albums, "Pair of Bulls" | @GhostoftheRobot
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02:43 pm: James Marsters Lexington Comic & Toy Con Concert Videos x 5 | @iamwunderwmn
10:07 am: Jasmin & James Marsters Pasadena Film Festival Photo | @JasminMarsters1
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03:59 pm: James Marsters Tweets Video of Arrival in Paris | @JamesMarstersOf
10:18 pm: James Marsters Nicholas Brendon / Buffy the Vampire Slayer @ Paris 19 march 2016 (video) | @bottomci
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06:47 am: James Marsters & Charisma Carpenter #WitchesVsVampires Selfie (Photo) | @AllCharisma
08:31 am: James Marsters & Buffy/Charmed Casts at #WitchesVsVampire Closing Ceremony (Photo) | @GuestsEvents
08:54 am: Eclectic Mayhem Podcast: Wizard World Comic Con Interviews (inc James Marsters) | @iRoberts3
09:36 am: James Marsters Witches Vs Vampires Concert Video | @EmmanuelleRUBIO
12:23 pm: New England Super Megafest Comic Con Photo Ops Schedule (inc James Marsters) | @megafestcon
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08:06 am: James Marsters to Attend Phoenix Comicon 2016 | @PhoenixComicon
09:49 am: EXCLUSIVE: James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer in Paris (video) | @STORMSHADOWREA
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04:31 pm: Witches Vs Vampires Closing Ceremony (Video ft James Marsters) | @GuestsEvents
10:31 am: Programming @ St Louis Comic Con (inc James Marsters) | @WizardWorld
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07:58 am: #KLZ_Interviews - BuffyAngelFanMeet 2016 (first part) (video ft James Marsters) | @KLZ_Events
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01:13 pm: Jasmin & James Marsters Pasadena International Film Festival Photos | @PasFilmFest
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05:36 pm: Buffy Panel w/ James Marsters and Eliza Dushku @ Lexington Comic Con 2016 (Videos) | YouTube
09:11 am: Max Interviews James Marsters! (Audio) | @971FMTalk
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09:10 am: James Marsters to Attend Undiscovered Con 2016 | @UR_NY/@JamesMarstersOf
12:57 pm: James Marsters' Ghost of the Robot Opening for Nerf Herder Next Tuesday | @GhostoftheRobot
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02:10 pm: James Marsters' DUDES & DRAGONS Super Megafest Comic Con Screening | @megafestcon
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07:24 am: James Marsters German Comic Con Berlin Concert on 14 Oct | @GermanComicCon
08:42 am: James Marsters sinks his teeth into Wizard World in St. Louis (Interview) | @bellevillenewsd
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01:02 pm: James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer & Kristine Sutherland BuffyAngel Fanmeet Q&A Videos