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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

James Marsters to Attend DragonCon Sep 2-5 2016 | @DragonCon / @JamesMarstersOf
con news
@DragonCon 7:45 AM
The cauldron has given us fan favorite @JamesMarstersOf for #DragonCon2016! pic.twitter.com/egSKaJ4gAO

@JamesMarstersOf 12:17 PM
Meddling in the affairs of #DudesAndDragons..@DragonCon 2016 this September!
@DWarriorsMovie twitter.com/DragonCon/stat…

Sept 2– Sept 5, 2016

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James Marsters Motor City Comic Con 2016 (Q&A Panel Video) | @DeafIndy2014
con news

James Marsters Motor City Comic Con 2016

I have fresh GoPro battery right before the Speak Panel starts.
Generally it takes about an 45 to hour.
So James kept talking, of over an hour and 15 min, then Battery die! Missed about 2 mins after panel finished gave me no time to replace the battery!

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