June 25th, 2016


James Marsters & Jason David Frank Filming for VIDIOTS While in Perth (Photo) | @JamesMarstersOf

@JamesMarstersOf 1:11 AM
Just finished filming with Jason David Frank @jdfffn for Mark Divine and my new online show Vidiots. @VidiotsOnline pic.twitter.com/ZNNfful2oR

James Marsters, Jason David Frank & Mark Divine Filming VIDIOTS in Perth

I just wanted to say most fun I had in Perth filming for James Marsters and Mark Divine's video gaming show.... fb.me/1ldB0AH23

@JamesMarstersOf 1:48 AM
Enjoying our time in Perth with @jdfffn #JasonDavidFrank
#VidiotsOnline @VidiotsOnline twitter.com/jdfffn/status/…

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James Marsters in Concert at Perth Supanova Expo (Photo) | @SupanovaExpo

James Marsters Perth Supanova Expo Concert 2016-06-24

Thanks for joining us at our Friday Preview Night to mark the opening of Supanova 2016 – Perth!

We delighted in presenting our Opening Ceremony with local and international Supa-Stars, Q&A panels, masterclass, screenings PLUS James Marsters in Concert!

Come along today and Sunday, 10am to 6pm, to the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre as we present our Supa-star lineup of film and tv, voice actor, writers, comic creator, music and illustrator guests, cosplay competitions and our exhibitors for shopping!

For a full timetable of events and more, see our Event Programme: supa.fans/EventProgrammeJune2016

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