August 7th, 2016


James Marsters Livestreams About ViDiOTS/Live Q&A Monday Aug 8 | @JamesMarstersOf

@JamesMarstersOf 4:34 AM
Talking live on my Facebook page now.…
More on @VidiotsOnline

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@JamesMarstersOf 5:01 AM
Just finished filming, and I felt the need to pose. Jeeze...actors!

James Marsters Actor Pose 2016-08-06

@VidiotsOnline 8:15 AM
Check out the very first @VidiotsOnline Live Q&A with @JamesMarstersOf & Mark Devine Monday August 8 11:30am-ish PT.…

@VidiotsOnline 9:53 AM
It's got travel, and stars, and conventions, and jokes so hope you do! Good question for our Facebook Q&A on Monday too @fanwomanc.

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