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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

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Calgary Expo Photo Ops Schedule (inc James Marsters & Nathan Fillion) | @Calgaryexpo
con news
Calgary Expo Programming Schedule


Individual Photo OpsThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Adrian Paul-5:15pm4:00pm3:45pm
Aly Michalka-5:30pm6:15pm1:55pm
Billy Dee Williams-8:15pm1:45pm12:00pm
Bob Morley-4:00pm5:45pm2:30pm
Christopher Lambert--3:15pm4:15pm
Colm Meaney-6:30pm2:15pm1:15pm
Corey Dee Williams-8:45pm2:15pm12:30pm
Danielle Panabaker-4:45pm5:00pm3:45pm
Garrett Wang6:15pm7:15pm4:15pm12:45pm
James Marsters5:30pm4:30pm6:00pm3:00pm
Jeremy Renner--6:00pm3:45pm
John Cusack--3:45pm-
Kevin Sorbo--6:30pm3:15pm
Kristian Nairn6:00pm4:45pm2:45pm12:30pm
Linda Larkin-5:30pm1:30pm1:15pm
Mara Wilson-5:45pm6:30pm1:30pm
Mark Meer-6:00pm1:00pm12:00pm
Melissa O'Neil-7:45pm5:30pm12:00pm
Nathan Fillion-6:15pm2:30pm1:00pm
Patrick Warburton--4:30pm11:45am
Peter Capaldi-7:00pm3:15pm-
Raphael Sbarge-6:00pm1:20pm-
Rider Strong-4:00pm3:05pm11:15am
Roger Cross-8:05pm5:50pm12:20pm
Ruth Connell-7:00pm4:35pm12:45pm
Steven Yeun-7:45pm3:50pm2:00pm
Tom Cavanagh--5:40pm4:15pm
Wallace Shawn-7:30pm4:30pm12:15pm
Will Friedle-4:30pm2:30pm11:45am
Team Up Photo OpsThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Boy Meets World (Strong & Friedle)-4:15pm2:45pm11:30am
Dark Matter (O'Neil & Cross)-7:55pm5:40pm12:10pm
Highlander (Paul & Lambert)--3:45pm4:00pm
Hillywood Show (Hindi)--3:00pm1:00pm
Jay & Silent Bob (Mewes & Smith)--5:00pm-
Kenny vs Spenny (Hotz & Rice)-5:15pm5:00pm3:30pm
Mass Effect (Sbarge & Meer)-6:15pm1:10pm-
Return of the Jedi (Williams & Williams)-8:30pm2:00pm12:15pm
The Flash (Panabaker & Cavanagh)--5:20pm4:00pm