September 5th, 2017

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James Marsters Unable to Attend HorrorHound Weekend Due to Filming (Video) | @horrorhound

Unfortunately, it looks like James Marsters has to cancel HorrorHound Weekend: Indy this upcoming weekend. James is currently filming a new television series, and his schedule was shifted, making it impossible for him to make the show this weekend. James sent a video along with the news – discussing the shoot. We will remain in talks with James' management to have him appear at the first HHW event once he is completed photography on the new series. In the meantime, we have made a few calls to try and book a last minute replacement (or two) that could appease fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer specifically. Hopefully we will have something to reveal by tonight, or first thing tomorrow morning. (Photo-ops for James will automatically be refunded, once CPO gets up to speed.)

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