November 5th, 2017

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Why I Don't View the Spike/Buffy Bathroom Scene as Attempted Rape (a short essay by @jamie_marsters)

I know I could be opening up a can of worms here, so let me start this off by first stating that the following is solely my opinion & is by no means meant to be an incendiary piece to start any kind of fandom "war." It's also not meant to diminish anyone's differing opinions. I don't expect everyone (or even all that many people at all, really) to agree with me. If you DO view this scene as attempted rape/assault/whatever, then please don't view this piece as any kind of apologist/redemptionist answer to that; that's not what this is. I will never excuse that kind of behaviour in either fandom-life or real life.

I also, in no way, mean for this to devolve into a Spuffy vs Bangel argument; that's a completely separate argument (I ship them BOTH, FYI, with an overwhelming love of the OT3: Spuffangel FTW!) and it's an argument I'm well & truly over. Also, comparing Spuffy to Bangel in relation to this scene does no one any favours, as far as I've seen.

My main reason for sharing this is because, while I see many members of the fandom have a wide variety of different opinions in regards to this scene, very few have come close to how I view it. And how I've always viewed it, right from the very first airing.

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