May 10th, 2018

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RUNAWAYS: James Marsters talks Season 1 of Hulu’s Marvel series – Exclusive Interview | @AssignmentX

James Marsters in MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS - Season 1 | ©2018 Hulu/Sarkis

James Marsters in MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS – Season 1 | ©2018 Hulu/Sarkis

At this point, actor James Marsters has done plenty of straight drama and comedy – and time in a rock band, Ghost of the Robot – but he continues to uphold his genre cred. After his indelible performance as the vampire Spike in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL, Marsters’s roles have included anti-human Brainiac on SMALLVILLE, religious zealot Barnabas Greeley on CAPRICA, galactic traveler Captain John Hart on TORCHWOOD, and many more.

Now Marsters has added series regular Victor Stein in Hulu’s RUNAWAYS to the list. Adapted by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage from the Marvel Comics saga created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, RUNAWAYS concerns a group of disparate teenagers who discover that they have superpowers – and that their parents are supervillains.

The first season of RUNAWAYS is now available on Hulu in its entirety. Marsters is currently shooting the second season, has several new feature films awaiting release and a new album out with Ghost of the Robot, all of which he discusses in this telephone interview.

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