Hollywood, CA -- As tortured genius Victor Stein on Hulu’s Marvel’s Runaways, James Marsters, on the surface, is not the perfect father.  Like the rest of the runaways’ parental units, Stein lied to his son Chase (Gregg Sulkin) about being an evil so-and-so; the reason all the runaways banded together in Season 1 to, well, run away. While the character appeared to receive his comeuppance at the end of the first season he does live, albeit in suspended animation, to appear in Season 2 which is currently in production and due to start streaming later in the year.  Fans of the series will agree -- he’s simply a bad dad -- yet Marsters has his own view on the character’s parenting style.  “I would argue that Victor is not a bad dad,” he told MediaVillage during a recent set visit.  “He’s not the perfect dad, and he may be a little too hard on his son -- maybe a lot too hard -- but it’s better than being too easy on a genius kid.

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