December 21st, 2018


Interview: James Marsters on Runaways, Marvel, & whether it's worth it to kill people if it saves th


James Marsters on Runaways, Marvel, and whether it's worth it to kill people if it saves the world

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Photo: Albert L. Ortega (Getty Images), Graphic: Natalie Peeples

James Marsters first gained genre-geek icon status with his turn as Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but since then, he’s been in a host of famous hero and hero-adjacent properties, including Smallville, Caprica, Dragonball, and voice acting in animated roles for both the Marvel and DC Universe franchises. But with Hulu’s Runaways, Marsters made his first foray into the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing Victor Stein, the genius inventor and billionaire whose ego and anger threatens not only his own family, but the lives of many others. We caught up with him at the opening gala for the Seattle Museum Of Pop Culture’s “Marvel: Universe Of Superheroes” exhibit earlier this year, where we ended up getting pretty deep into not just the heady ideas behind his latest character, but heroism, pain, and the importance of lying to your children.

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Runaways – Parents Roundtable (James Marsters Interview) | @StarryMag


Runaways – Parents Roundtable

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Ever Carradine and James Marsters


Q) Thoughts about the potential Buffy reboot that’s been circling?


James: I like the idea. I like the idea of a new slayer in the new universe who’s not Buffy. A whole new story. I think the fact Joss [Whedon] is involved means it’s gonna be good. Other than that, I don’t know what’s going on. [laughs] I’m busy but very happy that “Don’t give up” is the theme of that show at the end of the day. I would like for that theme to keep getting played.


Q) Where do you pick up in season two?


Ever: We pick up almost exactly where we left off. Like 24 hours. It’s pretty quick.


James: The was the big shock of this season–that they had constructed a new box you could actually see me in. I was like, “Oh, I’m gonna have to work.”


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Marvel's Runaways Stars Dish on Season 2: New Dangers, More Drama (James Marsters int)

Marvel's Runaways Stars Dish on Season 2: New Dangers, More Drama

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The cast and crew of Marvel's Runaways met with reporters during a set visit earlier this year, and they had a lot to say about what's coming up on Season 2 of the Hulu hit. 

One actor, in particular, could not be more thankful that he's still part of the cast. 

James Marsters - Marvel's Runaways

"I was hired to come in for seven episodes and then die," the James Marsters shared, confirming that he was not supposed to be a part of the cast at this point in the show's run. 

"Instead, they decided to shoot me and then they just stuck me in a box."

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