February 15th, 2019

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James Marsters: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer has always been more popular outside the United States"

Jamie's note: English translation of the interview. Scroll down (or hit the SOURCE link) for the original French version.

James Marsters: "Buffy against vampires has always been more popular outside the United States"

the 14/02/2019 at 15:39 by François LégerSpike Buffy James Marsters
Spike Buffy James Marsters DR

Spike indulges in his vampire years. Meet.

Invited this weekend of the Paris Manga Sci-Fi Show with his former colleagues of Buffy against vampires (Anthony Head and Amber Benson), James Marsters returns for Première on the range this cult series, the role of Spike and the Dragonball Evolution disaster , in which he played Piccolo.

Whatever you do, we always bring you back to Buffy against the vampires and the character of Spike. But it's also because you cultivate this link, right?
Absolutely, because Buffy is a series that I can be proud of. We managed to get the idea that violence does not solve all the problems and that women can kick ass! At the time, I was producing and performing in Seattle and Chicago. I had just had my son and I was coming to Los Angeles just to earn money. The theater is great fun, but you win almost nothing. So I decided to sell myself on TV (Laughs.)

You had the feeling of selling yourself?
Oh yeah, completely! I had no illusions. It was the late 1990s and television was not as interesting as it is today, at least from my point of view. I remember telling my agent that I was not there to receive awards since I had them already at the theater. I had nothing to prove and I did not respect the people of this environment anyway (Laughs.) I was there for the dough! To buy diapers! And suddenly, I found myself in a series that spread a subversive message to more people than I could have imagined. We talked about strong subjects, like the difficulty of being homosexual during adolescence. It's more common on TV today, but we were in the first to talk about it. I think that'

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