February 16th, 2019



Jamie's note: English translation of the interview. Scroll down (or hit the SOURCE link) for the original French version.



Marvel's Runaways and superheroism: a meeting with actor James Marsters

For those who have watched a lot of television as a kid, the name of James Marsters will inevitably be on the side of Buffy fans against vampires, which he marked with his role as Spike. Years later, the actor regularly flirts with pop-culture, especially the superheroes. He currently plays Victor Stein , one of the bad parents in Runaways adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona .

While Season 2 of Runaways started broadcasting in France on Syfy , and the day before its presence at the 27th Paris Manga Sci-fi Show , James Marsters devoted a little of his time, in an interview conducted jointly with the Site Pix-Geeks . To discover below, and good reading!

Disclaimer: some spoilers on season 2 may be present! You are warned.

Hello James. This is not the first time we see you in the super-heroic register. You went through Smallville, and you also did animation with The Super Hero Squad Show or Ultimate Spider-Man. Is there something special between the superheroes and you?

I think there are real heroes in life. Anyone who sacrifices his comfort, safety or goals for the good of someone else is a hero. There is something very beautiful in these artists who come to break the screen with superhero movies, talking to the public. " I see you, I know what you do is precious, when you sacrifice your own comfort for another person, that's good Oh, by the way, here's a cloak, put it on, and we'll fly for 1h30 and celebrate together what you do. "There is something very beautiful about it.

What brought you to the Runaways series?

I did not know the Runaways! I got a call to audition for Victor Stein , who was described as a bad Elon Musk - which I found interesting! I had time to think about it by going to the audition - because you need an hour and a half in Los Angeles - and I wanted to improvise for this audition. I looked at the script and told them to turn, explaining that I was going to play Victor Stein talking to his employees one morning, and I started.

" Wake up everybody, NASA called and they need help, the mission for Mars has a problem, and the problem is feces.The mission is going to take three months, they have to circulate continuously. water and air in the capsule.They have found how to do everything, but they do not find how to get the water from the faeces.The coffee is offered, and I need an interesting idea for tomorrow morning. do not talk about heating the thing is to get the water, any caveman can do it and it costs a lot too much energy .. Find me something else.I do not have an interesting idea tomorrow morning - it does not have to be a solution, but it should interest me - then I'll fire someone, go! "

There was a big silence from the casting director, who then thanked me and I thought I had messed up the audition. Apparently, when they looked at the band, they had found their Victor Stein !

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