April 14th, 2019

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LST 211: James Marsters & Amber Benson Podcast Interview from LexCon | @LongStrange

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The Long Strange Trip

LST 211: James Marsters, Sam Jones, GloZell, Jim Swearingen, and more from the Lexington Comic And Toy Con 2019

An episode of The Long Strange Trip

By The Long Strange Trip PodCast
The Pros Of The Cons are your hosts: HitchHiker, C.J., Molly, and Sheena.

Our goal is to provide entertaining and engaging content from conventions, concerts, comedians, as well as other events and locations to bring the experiences home to our listeners.

Our Why for doing the show is to provide everyone who can’t attend the conventions, comedy shows, and other places we go up close personal accounts, celebrity interviews, and images on social media of where we go and what we do to help them experience new things and inform them of events and locations they may want to attend in the future.

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