July 6th, 2019

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James Marsters in Concert at Hal-Con 26 Oct 2019 | @halcon_scificon

James Marsters in Concert with opening act Hello Delaware

We know it’s still early to announce any programming, but this one was too good to keep under wraps!  We’re excited to be able to share that there will be an extra special event this year – a musical performance!  The concert will feature the awesome local rock band Hello Delaware as the opening act – and James Marsters will be headlining.  The concert will be Saturday, October 26th from 7:30pm-9:30pm (though the actual times are subject to change a bit since we’re still working on our schedule).  This is a separate ticketed event, tickets will be $20 plus taxes and fees, and will go on sale with autographs and photographs in October.  Please note, you must have a Warp Speed Pass, Impulse Speed Pass, Weekend Pass or Saturday ticket to be able to attend.

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