July 26th, 2019


James Marsters September 2006 Official Q&A | @JamesMarstersOf

Back in the day, James Marsters' old official websites used to post a monthly Q&A session with James, & I'm reposting those Q&As every week for a bit of fun (& nostalgia)! Enjoy this week's Q&A from September 2006:
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September 2006

There are times when your arms look amazing, specifically your triceps. What exercises do you do to work this part of your arms and do you workout at home or in a gym with a trainer?
I work out at home. I’ve never had a trainer, never will. I work out with free weights – low weight, high repetition. I have 2 dumbbells of 20 lbs. each and I do 2 sets of 60 reps each.

Which musical instrument would you like to learn how to play?
Piano / keyboard.

Is it easy for you to forgive and forget?
Impossible for both, but I can always pretend.

You are always asked what you and Spike had in common. Besides not being funny when you’re angry, can you elaborate on what you and Spike did not have in common?
I have always had friends. I play the guitar and I try to avoid hitting people. Uhmmm… I like myself.

What is your favorite:
Female blues singer? (we normally just hear your male favorites) – Lady Day
Word or phrase that you overuse? – I tend not to finish sentences when I’m trying to think, which can be annoying.

Waffles or pancakes? – waffles any day
Hot or cold weather? – hot
Eyes that shoot laser beams or x-ray vision? – X-ray vision
Coke or Pepsi? – I like the logo of Coke, but Pepsi tastes better.
A small part in a big budget movie that is going to be seen worldwide or the lead in an independent movie? – I think definitely a small part in a good picture because the better the picture, the better the script and the better the performance.

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