August 11th, 2021

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James Marsters to Attend FAN EXPO Philadelphia TBA 2022 | @WizardWorld

UPDATE 11/8/21: FYI Wizard World have sold their live events to FAN EXPO events, including the TBA 2022 Philadelphia event. Read the announcement here & read the FAQ regarding the change here. I'll keep you updated in this post & across my socials for any updates regarding the new dates & any confirmation/re-announcement of James' appearance. As James has already signed on for several other FAN EXPO events (4 in total so far: FAN EXPO Boston, Calgary Expo, FAN EXPO Dallas & FAN EXPO Denver) I expect we'll see him remain on the schedule for FAN EXPO Philadelphia, subject to his availability, as always.

UPDATE 6/8/21: FYI: Wizard World Philadelphia is no longer scheduled for November 12-14, 2021. Wizard World's Live Events page lists the dates as TBA, 2022. I'll update as/when any more firm dates are announced.

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