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James Marsters September 2010 Q&A | JM-TOP

Q&A: September 15, 2010

by James Marsters - The Official Page on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 8:45am

You’ve mentioned Tom Petty as an artist you’d love to play with. What is your favorite album and song of his?
(sings)  “Even the losers get lucky sometimes”  "Even The Losers” is my favorite.  That's off Damn the Torpedoes.

Finish the sentence:  I'm a bit of a …

When you find yourself in situations where you aren't an alpha male, do you find yourself slowly trying to take control or are you cool with not being in command, either at work or in your life in general?
If I am paying people I like to be in command, yes.  If people are paying me I am also very malleable so long as the checks don't bounce.

How hot and spicy can you go with food?
Not at all.

Who was your favorite Beatle and why?
John Lennon, my GOD.  He was a revolutionary.  Every time he opened his mouth was a small revolution.  He was the first one to say "Look man, you think I'm a star?  You think I have a perfect life? I'm a LOSER.” He was the first one to be honest about that and he opened up popular music to pain.  Nothing against Paul.  Paul's cool.  If I met him, I'd bow down.  But John John John John John.

When were you asked for your first autograph and how did you feel about it?
I don't remember who first asked me for my autograph, but I'm sure I was fairly uncomfortable with it.

Yes or No
Did you pass your driver’s test the first time?  Yes I did.
Do you consider yourself a well-read person?  Yes.

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