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DKSC Twitter Updates

DKSC/Bloody Board/Calendar Twitter Updates:

  • A couple more Whedonverse Bloody Board updates: http://dontkillspike.proboa... Including a James Marsters article; SMG sighting & more
  • WhiteExaminer.com - An Interview with the Vampire Followers (James Marsters Fans): http://bit.ly/ySdta
  • WhiteI have no idea where that last tweet came from, but it definitely wasn't posted by me. How the hell does someone post spam from my twitter?
  • WhiteAnother Whedonverse Bloody Board update: http://dontkillspike.proboa... Just the one: Mission Starfury: The Cylon Attack Con Announced
  • WhiteFor those not in-the-know, the DKSC Calendar is a comprehensive list of all upcoming James Marsters appearances: http://bit.ly/sGlFv
  • WhiteDKSC Calendar updates: http://bit.ly/sGlFv Added US "P.S. I Love You"/"Angel" eps & UK "Buffy"/"Angel" eps to start of Sep; AU ep to 26/08
  • WhiteChicagoTribune.com - Buffy's Marc Blucas cast as 'Lightman's rival' in "Lie to Me" (James Marsters prev. speculated): http://bit.ly/RswWC
  • WhiteWhedonverse Bloody Board updates: http://dontkillspike.proboa... Including Dollhouse S2 news; cast & Joss Whedon interviews; + more
  • WhiteExaminer.com - Monster-Mania Convention Goes Batty This Weekend (James Marsters mention): http://bit.ly/rihBz
  • WhiteTV.com - Checking Up on Some "Buffy" Alums (Including James Marsters amongst others): http://bit.ly/DOjK
  • WhiteStarPulse.com - Learn More About Syfy's New Drama & "BSG" Spinoff "Caprica" (also mentions James Marsters): http://bit.ly/3e23ov

  • For the latest Twitter updates click here or follow me @ http://twitter.com/jamie_marsters

    Manually posted (LoudTwitter is doing scheduled maintenance, so the above tweets will likely be skipped when it's back online)
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