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CAPRICA News & "Unvanquished" Sneak Peek #2 (video feat James Marsters) | Blastr+

JaneEspenson News on a big #Caprica event!  Info at janeespenson.com !
JaneEspenson #Caprica screening info is at:  http://bit.ly/9BLZFB
CapricaTV Caprica Season 1.0 DVD preview (bonus features) http://bit.ly/amnWEz
blastr Caprica season premiere (and James Marsters) sneak peek http://bit.ly/a8Nkg5

Caprica season premiere (and James Marsters) sneak peek

Caprica season premiere (and James Marsters) sneak peek

Caprica's back. (Well, almost. We're actually still counting down the days until next Tuesday.) And you know what that'll mean. James Marsters will also be back, returning as terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley.

Check out this sneak peek from the upcoming season premiere, which features Marsters, who's obviously up to no good.

Caprica returns Tuesday at 10/9c on Syfy. Will you be watching?

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