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The Bloody Board Cracked
dksc lj
As some of you may have already realised, I've been forced to delete The Bloody Board, as a result of this article. The board was attacked to such a degree that I had no hopes of being able to delete posts and ban users or keep up with the amount of spam the board was being inundated with.
As a result, I'll, obviously, be no longer posting James or Whedonverse news there anymore. However I will still be posting to the DKSC mailing list, as well as posting major James news/updates on my LJ and Twitter, so you'll still be getting James-related news via those places.
The only thing that will really change, is that I'll no longer be posting news/articles, etc relating to everything else Whedonverse at The Bloody Board. So for those of you who were members or guests who visited The Bloody Board to keep up to date with everything Whedonverse, you'll no longer be able to do so.
Like I said, I'll continue to post everything James-related through the mailing list, LJ and Twitter, as I have been, so it's not really that much of a big loss, unless you're looking for anything else.
I also want to say thanks to everyone that's offered to help, or that have simply taken the time to say "That sucks." It's much appreciated. :)

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*nods* that sucks indeed.
Glad you continue posting here.

I've just read your message and it's absolutely awful!

Hate that you had to close the board, but I'm glad you'll keep up posting on LJ.

*hugs you tight*

Thank you. :) At least it's only the one place that I had to close, like you said. I'm still posting here, on my Twitter, and my mailing list, so all's not lost.

(Deleted comment)
If only Oh Internet was a decent website, instead of one that is full of haters of the very group that created it (Dramatica). You wanna see canonization, check out the new Dramatica's canonization of it.

I was so sad I didn't get to see the Bloody Board, mighta even encouraged me to watch that series.

It's terrible when newfags (younger /b/tards) run to something shiny. Or tries to act intelligent.

I'd register a forum and let you port your backlogs to there (although I'd ask to have it be kept a secret.) I also try looking for 'odd' and 'creative' ways to store written text online. (Only recently using various wiki's. My thing is worldbuilding. but I so rarely have a nice place to put my info. I like putting it online so I can easily just 'have it' despite tons of PC deaths on my hands.)

I hope you had somewhere to put the BB's archives before you had to cut it down to size.. doesn't the software allow you to just take it down for maintenance? (Or to make it 'invive only' via a flash page or 'answer this question to get access' type deal? Granted it's traffic.. but a random string of 20 alphanumeric's (Capitals and Lower case are different) would be nearly impossible to crack.. at least it'd be too hard to the common /b/tards to bother with.

As to the specific tards responsible, the original /b/tards (those from 05-08ish and may predate /b/ (but generally were somethingawful goons or from related groups online) were always nicer people. Then it seems a second wave of immigrants came to the seeder internet and fucked up good things. (Much in the same way pre-91 internet users bitched about AOL'ers and the Eternal September crowds.) I wonder if there is a thesis to be written about that... This is probably a sign the newfags are about to start submitting retarded articles to Cracked. Oh joy...

Anyways, much sympathies. I can only dread what would happen if somebody found my cubby holes online.

Re: It's terrible when newfags (younger /b/tards) run to something shiny. Or tries to act intelligen

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Well, guess that explains why the address isn't working. :-P

Yeah, unfortunately it means older links from here (ie. Twitter updates) won't work, as they're linked to articles I posted at The Bloody Board. The most recent Twitter updates, however, are linked directly to the original articles themselves, so they'll all work fine.

It sucks, but I'm still updating, so it's not a total loss. :)

:( fuck bb (Anonymous) Expand
so apparently it was only you posting and replying to yourself?
before you delete this comment, could you tell me WHY?

If you'd bothered to take the time to read the above post, you would know that I wasn't simply talking to myself, I was posting news. It was a news forum.

Re: awww (Anonymous) Expand
That article was a hilarious foray into the realm of objectivity.. To those people who aren't in your circle of viewers, that forum did look incredibly bizarre at best. I ended up here after doing a little research into it, and it's pretty obvious that isn't the case. I'd like to apologize for the less than stellar reaction on behalf of the Cracked readership. That's got to be really aggravating.

Cheers. :) It is quite aggravating, especially if people, like you, had simply taken the time to actually look at the forum for more than a second, they would have realised how completely inaccurate the article was.

But, I guess most people just see what they wanna see.

Anyways, thanks. :)

Sucks :(

Yeah, that sucks...

But... Sure was a funny article! :D

SLO Supports you Jamie! Our entire staff are Buffy fans to the core and have more than once visited your site for news, it's so sad that people like the trolls who did this to you can't find a better use of their time. It's absolutely normal on the internet these days to have a fansite that posts news, it's not any weirder than having a facebook account or, say, writing articles on a sarcastic oddities site like Cracked. It IS weird, however, to have so little in your life that you would troll and harass someone you don't even know for absolutely no reason.

Hope things are better for you now. :)

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. :)

I am so sorry that this happened to you. I read a lot of the cracked articles, but I was outraged when I saw this one. It's one thing to insult websites, but it's another thing entirely to insult individuals you've never met. I've been a fan of the bloody board for a long time, I think it was a wonderful resource, and I'm sad to see it go.

Thanks for saying so. I really appreciate it. :)

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Question about forums.

I'm not here to bash your site, I was just wondering; How come there were no other registered users? (Besides the trolls). Did you have open registration? I just thought it curious that the forum went on for so long and nobody joined. I would've, Spike is my favorite character as well.

Sorry for the loss of your site.

Re: Question about forums.

There were over 150 other members on the board, though most of them didn't post anything regularly, they visited (along with many guests) to get regular updates on James Marsters and the Whedonverse. It was a news forum, wherein I posted news, as opposed to a discussion forum. So the above article was completely inaccurate, and anyone who'd actually spent more than 10 seconds on the board (before it was spammed) would've realised that.

And thanks, I appreciate it. :)

I feel like a complete dick now for assuming you had some sort of mental problem like the rest of the people who saw that article. I wasn't actually able to view the forum though as it had been deleted, so I just made some stupid assumption that turned out to be a huge misunderstanding. I apologise.

No worries. :) Most people who read the article made the same assumptions, so I've gotten used to it. Thanks for apologising, even though it's completely unnecessary. :)

How rude! They don't mention at all that you're archiving news, not expounding on an obsession.

Yeah, they seemed to only see what they wanted to see. But, what can ya do? ;)

Victims of the Internet

Shrug... the internet is for idiots. This is the natural result.
The Cracked article was entertainment media, that should have been obvious to most people but re: the internet is for idiots. It's entertainment until you know the specifics. People don't WANT to know the specifics, they want to believe their entertaining version, that someone was deranged enough to host an entire forum by themselves... instead of realizing it to be a simple news site / archive (which really isn't unusual given how easy forum software can be used).

Really though, the internet is for idiots. It's so much easier to follow the crowd to feel "a part of something" than to take a moment to think about your actions... and this is the result of that :(

Eventually laws will be passed to allow direct persecution of those responsible (being those who attacked your forum, and Cracked for encouraging others to do so). But until then, people will continue to hurt others for their own enjoyment, using the anonymity of the internet to remove the faces of their victims.

Re: Victims of the Internet

Absolutely. It's like I said before, people only see what they want to see. And then run with it to the extreme.