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The Bloody Board Cracked
dksc lj
As some of you may have already realised, I've been forced to delete The Bloody Board, as a result of this article. The board was attacked to such a degree that I had no hopes of being able to delete posts and ban users or keep up with the amount of spam the board was being inundated with.
As a result, I'll, obviously, be no longer posting James or Whedonverse news there anymore. However I will still be posting to the DKSC mailing list, as well as posting major James news/updates on my LJ and Twitter, so you'll still be getting James-related news via those places.
The only thing that will really change, is that I'll no longer be posting news/articles, etc relating to everything else Whedonverse at The Bloody Board. So for those of you who were members or guests who visited The Bloody Board to keep up to date with everything Whedonverse, you'll no longer be able to do so.
Like I said, I'll continue to post everything James-related through the mailing list, LJ and Twitter, as I have been, so it's not really that much of a big loss, unless you're looking for anything else.
I also want to say thanks to everyone that's offered to help, or that have simply taken the time to say "That sucks." It's much appreciated. :)

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How sad. I visited that site once or twice, after reading the Cracked article. At first look I laughed, but after browsing topics, I noticed that the article of Cracked was a lie, and that the forum was for news. I'm so sorry for ever even assuming your insanity X3

No worries. :) You certainly weren't alone in that assumption.

My name is Nic Schweitzer, and I am from the Cracked boards, but I am not a moderator or a founder, just a regular member. First, we apologize for whatever destruction the article may have done to your site, and the authors have expressed remorse for whatever they may have done. There are 4 pages of conversation on how to make it up to you, which you may read here:


The best way we have agreed on is to try and build you a new board. Now, you are free to accept or decline this, but we just want you to know that we are very sorry for what happened, and that you were forced into deleting your board. We want to find the people who trolled your board as much as you do, believe us.

If there is anything else, I have attached my Facebook profile, you can contact me through there, or try the Cracked forum I have listed. Again, sorry.

-Nic Schweitzer

Thanks for your apology, it's appreciated. I don't hold the Cracked writers responsible for what happened to the board, although I do hold them responsible for writing a misleading article that resulted in what happened to the board. It's frustrating, because if they'd taken the time to spend more than 30 seconds on the board (or simply clicked in to a topic) they would've realised it wasn't some crazy person talking to themselves. It was a news forum, wherein I posted news, reviews, etc relating to James Marsters and the Whedonverse in general. This whole issue would've been a non-issue if they'd simply researched what they were posting in the first place.

That being said, I wanna say "Thanks, but no thanks" in regards to starting a new forum. I appreciate the offer, but I'm happy to remain posting as I am now, without the Bloody Board.


Read about the board on cracked, was very curious as to the the content of the messages. Read on wiki about the spammed attacks and it closing down. *sigh* some people just can't appreciate a unique phenomena, but rather must seek to destroy what they don't understand for the little joy they get from being a55h0l3z.

-wish you luck on your future endeavors.

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

i saw the site on cracked as well. i dont have anyone to talk to about my fandoms and thought i would join. sadly its closed. can you re-open it?

No, I won't be re-opening the board. But there are plenty of other forums out there that, unlike mine was, are more targeted towards discussion, as opposed to news posts. If you have a Google, I'm sure you'll find a bunch. :)

I just read that article a few minutes ago (I'm not much of a Buffy fan, I like reading weird articles, obviously) and I'm sorry that your site was made out to appear bizarre, but I think the point of that article is really just to humor its readers and not meant to cause problems as it had for you. I wish u luck in the future and hope you can get things up and running again like before.

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

Sorry about that

That sucked man, you did a really good job with that, but /b/ are assholes, cracked wasnt the perpetrator, they just pointed out your sight, honestly, i thought the way they put things was a bit humorous, at face value, your sight was a bit weird, not that i agreed, but most people take things too far on the internet. Really. Damn. that blows.

Thanks for saying so. I apprecite it. :)

hi mike from germany.. i just have one question,i hope your not offended. what is your motivation to spent 6 years,post news about an actor? or did i get something wrong? (sorry for my bad english) nice greetz from germany.

I would imagine it's the same reason anyone else runs a fansite. I'm a fan, and it's fun.


You have a great talent of writing.Good Luck and keep going.And yes i have bookmarked your site dontkillspike.livejournal.com .

the bloody board

I think it's a shame what happened. It seems some people have nothing better to do than attack others in order to suit their own needs. I think you are a creative person & I admire that about you. Personally,I am one of the biggest"Buffy the vampire slayer" fans. Many people create their own websites for different reasons & I think "the bloody board was cool:I defend your creativity & ingenuity. While I find the humor on the cracked website very funny at times-I just really wish things didn't go down the way they did & I wish you continued success in whatever way you continue to post. Bless you & all the best in the future.....

Thank you. I appreciate it. :)

I never got chance to read the website, but it seems you must have been pretty obsessed, right? 40,000 posts in 6 years? That's like 3 posts every hour! How could there have even been that much news about 1 person?

If you'd actually read the above, you'd know I wasn't just posting about 1 person.

well, i know this is incredibly late to say, but i wanted to express myself as well, if that is okay?
I found out about that forum and decided to research it. I found this page, and now i must say, i am very disappointed that the internet has given a very false impression of you and your news board. I wish you the best in the future, and i dearly hope something like this never happens to you again.
PS: I miss Buffy. I miss Spike too.

Thank you. I appreciate that. :)


The Cracked community is feeling sorry. Honestly, we meant no harm. Unfortunately 4Chan got a hold of it. It's agreed that if anyone should have been taken off the list it was you. The Cracked forums are in total agreement that their treatment was wrong. Please accept this absolutely informal apology.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Gathering Info

Hello, I'm not sure how often you check this page anymore, but I see you are still active on your Yahoo group and I assume the news posted there is in a similar vein to that which was previously available on The Bloody Board.
I am interested in knowing what your process(es) of gathering such a vast amount of information on such a specific subject is. Do fans actively send you news or do you do all the digging by yourself?
I feel any information could save me a lot of time when I'm searching for something and maybe even help me in setting up a fansite of my own one day.
Thanks in advance.

It's mostly just Google Alerts and Twitter; with the occasional check of some fansites and YouTube. Quick and easy.

I notice this comment section is from last year... Which is beneficial because It's doubtable anyone will read this now (Unless by circumstance) And I feel I need to let this out.
I found out about Bloody Board the same way many others did, through the article from Cracked, I liked reading things about abandoned buildings, ghost towns, anything bizarre and surreal. This one article intrigued me, I don't think I ever actually believed you had some kind of Illness, but I wanted to see for myself the site. So I searched but came across an article from dramapedia or something like that explaining the 4chan situation and Bloody Board's downfall. I became obsessed @_@, I spent a good two to four months compiling all manners of information about 'The Bloody Board incident', tracking comments left on various other sites and forums of people (And participants) involved, or just speculating.
I think I really just wanted to find something where I could see 'you' speaking, and see if the article was true or not (Since the board was inaccessible) and then I found this comments page (After the deletion announcement).
I don't really know what to say now, I want to say sorry, but I couldn't imagine how many times you had to hear it already, I want to express remorse, but it's clear anyone who grasps the truth of the situation expresses enormous remorse.
I started this odd 'Quest' because I wanted answers but I'm walking away with nothing but sadness...
I am truly glad that your not as upset by all of this as a lot of others are (Including myself) and that this incident hasn't dampened your spirit.

PS: I'm amazed at how calm and level headed you've been! I don't think I've seen you get angry once! I wish I could be as strong as you.

Thanks for your kinds words. They're still appreciated, even after all this time. :D

I have read many Cracked articles. Including the one that caused the elimination of your website. I'm sorry you had to delete your forum, I would hate if something like that happened to me. I thought the forum was creepy at first but now I realize otherwise. I still read Cracked.com articles but I'll try not to automatically take their word for everything now. Sorry.

Thanks for saying so. I appreciate it. :)