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James Marsters New Orleans Comic Con Concert Videos x 16 | YouTube

Here are 16 videos of James Marsters' New Orleans Comic Con Concert, with thanks to greenbunny6:

James Marsters - New Orleans Comic Con - If This is Love

Full song, including him screwing up at the beginning.

James Marsters - Finer than Gold

"Hey, brother. You ever buy your girl the wrong present?"

Including commentary before and after.

James Marsters - Looking at You

"It's not dirty, because I married her!"

Including commentary before and after.

Personal Note: You can't tell because of the video quality, but he was grinning/leering at me because my mouth dropped open halfway through the lyrics. When I got his autograph on Sunday, he told me I have great facial expressions for musicians.

James Marsters - Smile

"Oh, this is a good one."

James Marsters - Layabout

"Patricia goes, 'I think I'll sleep.'"

James Marsters - London City

"All these sings are about Patricia."

James Marsters - Dance Slow

"Oh, I'll meet him, alright."

James Marsters - Louise and Vandals

Attempting both songs. Failing.

James Marsters - The Truth is a Heavy....

Marsters: "I think I got a little black in me."
Harry Connick, Jr: "YOU, TOO?!"

James Marsters - Moonshot

"This is a song I wrote while I was trying to be Buzz Aldrin."

James Marsters - All She Wanted

Recorded 1/29/11.

James Marsters - Don't Worry Son

"I don't care if I fall asleep at the wheel. My son is waiting at the end of that drive. I will die."

James Marsters - Good Bye (Too Fast)

Including commentary on why cursing is a waste.

James Marsters - Dangerous

"This song's about Michelle Trachtenberg. She's 18 now, right?"

James Marsters - Angel

"This song is for Helena. Wherever she is."

James Marsters - Magic Dance

"I did this because my son told me not to pussy out."

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