jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

James Marsters Nocturnal Con Videos x 4 | YouTube

Here are 4 videos of James Marsters at UK's Nocturnal Convention, with thanks to silverspike1 for sharing:

James Marsters at the Nocturnal Convention clip

A really crappy quality copy (sorry) of a vid of James Marsters at the UK con Nocturnal many years ago.

It's in black and white sadly as my Video player is playing up. It's of him receiving the 'Best Vampire' award.

I may try and upload a better quality version of this at a later date.

James Marsters dancing

James Marsters dances with attendees at the Sunday night disco at the Nocturnal convention.

Sorry for the poor quality but at the moment my multi region video player is playing up.

James at Nocturnal con disco

More clips of James Marsters at the Sunday night disco at Nocturnal convention held many years ago.

Sorry for the poor quality.

James Marsters at Nocturnal convention.

JM gets a surprise question from a member of the audience.

Sorry for the crappy quality.

Tags: cast: anthony stewart head, cast: james marsters, character: spike, event: nocturnal con, event: nocturnal con video, tv: buffy
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