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The final ANGEL (& James Marsters SPIKE comics; incl preview pages) | RyallTime

The final Angel

Despite my best efforts to pretend that it’s not actually happening, it seems as though our time on ANGEL and SPIKE comics is rapidly winding down.

ANGEL ends at issue 44, SPIKE ends at issue 8… but somehow that wasn’t quite enough. So the month after those two series ends, we’re going to be releasing our final issue of new ANGEL-related material, in the form of a 48-page ANGEL YEARBOOK. What’s it going to contain? Well, final stories from many/most of the people who’ve been important parts of our 5-year run on ANGEL. Details on interiors will follow (one little leaked detail: I’m doing a little 2-pager in there with art by Messina and Urru), but for now, here’re two of the three covers for the special. First this one from Nick Runge:

…and also this one from DAVID MESSINA.

Soon enough, I’ll talk about a project that I’ll be co-writing that’s gonna feature David Messina on art, too. After all this time working with David in an editorial capacity, I can’t wait to see what he does with with one of my scripts.

Tags: cast: james marsters, character: angel(us), character: spike, comic: angel season 6, comic: spike 2010 series

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