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THREE INCHES: So Is James Marsters Still Involved? | SFX

Three Inches: So Is James Marsters Still Involved?

dgolder | News | 28/03/2011 07:45am

It’s the Syfy drama that’s being re-developed a half hour comedy. What SFX wanted to know was: are James Marsters and Naoko Mori still involved?

Three Inches
was the Mystery Menish-sounding series about rubbish superheroes that was being developed at Syfy US as a hour-long comedy drama starring Buffy’s James Marsters and Torchwood’s Naoko Mori until the network decided to commission the similarly-themed Alphas instead.

Then came the news that that Syfy hadn’t dumped it, but was redeveloping it as a potential half-hour comedy. This still doesn’t mean that it’ll actually go to a series, as there are two other potential sitcoms vying for a commission as well: Lee And Me and In The Dark.

But if Syfy does greenlight Three Inches, what SFX wanted to know was: are Marsters and Mori still involved? Would they want to be in a sitcom?

So we got in touch with one of the show’s reps to ask that very question. The answer, we’re afraid, isn’t exactly definitive either way, but at least it’s not a definite “no”:

“It is being re-developed as a half-hour scripted series… some cast may stay the same but everything right now is still being worked out. So it’s in def limbo and depending on the new script, I’m sure the executive producers have right of refusal as do the actors to review it and see if they still are interested.”

So there you have you. Maybe. Maybe not. Do you think Marsters and Mori could be the new superpowered Odd Couple?


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