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James Marsters @ MegaCon Videos x 12 | YouTube

Here are 12 videos from James Marsters' MegaCon 2011 Q&A, with thanks to TammyDevil666:

James Marsters @ MegaCon

Talking about Torchwood and kissing John Barrowman. Sorry for the darkness, the lighting was really bad in some of them.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 2

Talking about Hawaii 5-0.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 3

Talking about if it was ever uncomfortable to kiss Sarah Michelle Gellar.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 4

Talking about his jealousy over David Boreanaz, and finding out Spike was getting a soul.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 5

Talking about a Buffy reboot, and if he would ever play Spike again.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 6

Talking about his bad relationship with comics.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 7

Talking about how he got the scar on his eyebrow.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 8

Talking about a Spike/Faith spin-off series.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 9

Talking about the difference between working on Buffy and Angel.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 10

Talking about the Puppet Angel episode.

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 11

Talking about who Buffy should end up with. *coughtraitorcough*

James Marsters @ MegaCon Part 12

Talking about the musical and not remembering the lyrics to "Rest in Peace," but sang the cowboy song instead that he wrote for "High Plains Invaders." For some reason, the video got really blurry when James started to sing. I still don't know how that happened.

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