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WonderCon 2011: ANGEL comic books will become ANGEL AND FAITH (Exclusive) (James Marsters Spike ment

WonderCon 2011: ANGEL comic books will become ANGEL AND FAITH (Exclusive)

This will not be ANGEL - Season 7, but rather following BUFFY - Season 8

While speaking with ASSIGNMENT X during an exclusive interview at WonderCon 2011, Dark Horse Editor in Chief Scott Allie revealed some major plans in store for the ANGEL comics which are moving from IDW to the Dark Horse family.

The first of which is the name of the book, which will change to ANGEL AND FAITH focusing on the vampire and the vampire slayer.

“After the traumatic events of Season 8 , Faith sticks with Angel in order to get his act together after everything happens,” Allie says. “The two of them share the spotlight and both have their names in the titles. It will be written by Chris Gage and drawn by Rebecca Isaacs.”

While Dark Horse doesn’t plan on looking past what was done at IDW in terms of the ANGEL series, they consider it in the past.

“People are like ‘If it is ANGEL then it must be Season 6 or Season 7,’” Allie says. “We are not thinking of it so much as that but all of this takes place following Season 8 [of BUFFY]. The events of Season 8 sets both [ANGEL AND FAITH and BUFFY - SEASON 9]  in motion. The stuff that happened over at IDW took place effectively before Season 8. So our comics are a direct follow up to Season 8. The IDW stuff took place prior to that.”

Defending the move, Allie says it was more about being less complicated than it was about marketing.

“If we called it ANGEL - Season 6, that would negate what IDW did,” Allie says. “And if we call it Season 7, then that retroactive say that what IDW did was Season 6. It is really complicated and confusing at once marketing BUFFY – Season 9 and ANGEL – Season fill-in-the-blanks. We are generically referring to what we are doing as Season 9 and all of these books fit together. They will have a slight cohesion, maybe more cohesion than when the two shows were on the air but not so much that Spike will be flying his bug ship back and forth from one book to another. It won’t be constant cross-over land.”

Much like BUFFY - Season 9, ANGEL AND FAITH will run over the course of 25 issues beginning at the end of August. Also much like BUFFY, ANGEL AND FAITH will feature two covers.

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