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VOTE! 21st Century SF Icons (Vote for James Marsters' Spike) | SFX

VOTE! 21st Century SF Icons

sfx | Features, Opinion | 02/04/2011 06:41am

Vote now for your favourite SF & fantasy characters from 2000 onwards

Never mind that blinking AV referendum in May, we want your vote in the most important poll we’ve ever come up with!

SFX is compiling the ultimate list of the 21st century’s top 100 sci-fi icons, and the result will be the next-but-one SFX special, on sale at the end of July. In it we’ll count down from 100 to 1 your favourite SF characters, whether they be human, alien or vegetable. There’ll be a positive cornucopia of gorgeous photographs, along with words of wisdom from those responsible for creating and portraying the characters you’ve chosen.

So to make this glorious publication come to life, we need YOU, as Lord Kitchener used to say. All you have to do is click here and nominate the character who’s your favourite from TV and cinema over the last 11 years. If you’re wondering why Han Solo and Luke Skywalker aren’t there but C-3PO and R2-D2 are, that’s because the only Star Wars films we’re counting are ones released this century, ie Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith.

If you want to vote for, say, Captain Kirk, remember you’re not voting for the William Shatner version, you’re voting for the Chris Pine one; you’re voting for Jackie Earle Haley’s Freddy Krueger, not Robert Englund’s, and so on. If you can’t see the character you want then enter their name in the box provided – but please bear in mind our criteria or your vote won’t be counted.

What are you waiting for? Get voting, and your favourite SF icon could soon be making headlines worldwide!

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