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James Marsters News + Live Journal

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James Marsters Cancels Hub 6 Appearance | Showmasters
con news

we are sorry to have to inform you that, James Marsters has had to drop out of this event

post Today, 09:28 PM


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we are very sorry to have to inform you all that due to a change in scheduling James is not longer able to attend this event . sad.gif

we will miss him but look forward to working with him in the near future .

we are now working to bring you the best line up we can for this event , we know that some of the main cast are filming the new show ,so we are full on this now to bring you a interesting line up and one that you will still enjoy meeting .

we have just found out tonight and we are putting out 20 offers to guest that have not attended before and there are some great names on this list .

we are also talking for the main cast that are not in this new show to see who is able to attend as well , so just leave it with us we are all over this as of tonight and we will have more guests for this con very soon .

thank you for understanding , we want you all to know we will put on a great show for you all and it will be still a lot of fun for you all .

off to work now booking guests wink.gif


by the way we know we have our work cut out for us but we have some nice guest that are already in the pipeline so we are not to worried ok biggrin.gif

we will bring you a good line up we still have the time to turn this around

i just wanted you all to know that


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I am going to sound like a complete old fart here, but you really should get someone to check your grammar and spelling before posting. And use some more punctuation and some capital letters.

"we are also talking for the main cast"

"we are not to worried"

If I received a letter written like this asking me to attend an event, I would think you were a bunch of amateurs - which I know you are not, so you are letting yourselves down here.

You don't sound like an old fart at all. In fact, I literally thought exactly the same thing when I read it. Additionally, I actually had to correct the title, because they'd spelled James' surname as Master.

Doesn't come across as professional, at all.

I realised too late that they won't see my comment, and I can't seem to log in to their site to post it there!

I like your icon, BTW.

Yeah, you have to register to post comments over there. Although, the person who posted the info has the Showmasters email address (info@showmastersonline.com) in their signature, so I suppose you could use that, if you want.

And, I figured the icon was appropriate, considering the gramatical nature of our conversation. *lol*

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