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James Marsters Interview!

ETA: Transcript here (for fans outside Australia)

If you were a fan of our TrueBuff Marathon, then you would've enjoyed the interviews with James Marsters, the man behind Spike, voted one of the most popular characters in genre television history.

After calls went out across the internet for these interviews to be put online, we listened, and acted, and now - here they are!

James Marsters recently came out to Australia, and SCI FI put him on the Buffy griller, where he answered pretty much everything you'd ever wanted to know about Spike, Buffy and more. The result is a cool interview where James talks candidly about the show, his character, creator Joss Whedon, the surprises along the way and so much more.

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Here's just some of what's on offer:

Here's what James had to say about the romance on Buffy.

James Marsters talks about resurrecting Spike.

Here is James talking about sexy, and un-sexy Vampires on Buffy.

To see all the Spike interviews on Spectrum click here!

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