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Montreal ComicCon Photo Ops Details (inc James Marsters) | MontrealComicCon

photo ops

Get your photos taken with the stars!

Don’t miss this opportunity to create a unique souvenir by having your photos taken with our star media guests. We'll have a professional event photographer on hand to capture that special moment with your favourite celebrities. Each photo op includes one high quality 8’’ x 10’’ photo printed same day.

Photo op tickets can be purchased online (click here), or at the photo op desk. If you decide to buy your tickets at the event, make sure to plan time for this before the scheduled photo shoot time. Photo op tickets are required before lining up. It is recommended to arrive in line 20 minutes before the posted time, since this time is the start time and the session will end when the line has gone through. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.


Photo Op fees do not include admission to the show. Tickets to the show must be purchased separately. Click here to reserve a photo op*.
*Photo ops can be purchased directly on the photographer's website.

Before purchasing photo ops, please note the following.

  • All tickets purchased during pre-sale must be brought back to the photo op site at the event and turned in for an actual ticket. Please allow time to do this prior to your photo shoot.
  • There is no guarantee that photos will be processed in time to be autographed the day they are taken. Refunds will not be given because you do not have time to get your photo autographed.
  • There are no refunds for photo ops if you miss/or are late to the shoot. Please be early or on time for sessions. Schedules will not always be available on this site but can usually be located on the event’s website or at the event itself.
  • Only 2 adults per photo op. A 3rd adult is an additional $10.00, and a 4th is an additional $10.00. Any more than 4 adults in a photo and will have to speak to Froggy on prices. You can pay for the added people at our sales desk. This applies to MOST photo-ops but some may have restrictions on adding any additional people. Small children and infants can be included in with 2 adults at no additional charge.

Photo ops schedule


11:50James Marster/Clare Kramer/Mercedes McNab (singles/doubles/triples)
12:10James Marsters
12:45Rick Martel
13:00Sid Haig/Doug Bradley (singles/doubles)
13:30Stan Lee
15:00Michael Dorn/Marina Sirtis
15:30Adam West/Burt Ward (singles/doubles)
16:00Erin Gray/Gil Gerard (singles/doubles)
16:15James Marsters
16:35David Prowse
16:50Stan Lee


11:20Rick Martel
11:35Erin Gray/Gil Gerard (singles/doubles)
11:50James Marster/Clare Kramer/Mercedes McNab (singles/doubles/triples)
12:05James Marsters
12:30Stan Lee
13:30Dave Prowse
13:45Sid Haig/Doug Bradley (singles/doubles)
14:00Michael Dorn/Marina Sirtis
14:30Adam West/Burt Ward (singles/doubles)

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