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James Marsters Perth Supanova Expo Videos x 6 | YouTube

Here are 6 videos of James Marsters at Perth Supanova Expo, with thanks to MuzikChik06 & minotreme:

Supanova Seminar- James Marsters (Perth, 26/06/11)

James Marsters Q&A with Perth fans at Supanova 2011.

Sorry, my camera cut out a few times.
I just missed Sarah-Jane asking James how he feels about 'Twilight' type vampires. But she was very passionate about it which is why, as you can see, she got a great crowd reaction. Sorry to have missed it :(
Cut out again while James was answering a question. ANNOYING!!
And by the 3rd time my camera cut out, I just gave up filming. I missed just under 10mins of the seminar... sorry guys. BUT I hope you enjoy what I did manage to film :)

Supanova- MEETING SPIKE! [James Marsters] (Perth, 26/06/11)

Meeting James Marsters. This man treats his fans really well! It was an honor to meet such an amazing man :)


James Marsters Q+A Supanova Perth 2011 pt1

James Marsters Q+A Supanova Perth 2011 pt2

James Marsters Q+A Supanova Perth 2011 pt3

James Marster Q+A Supanova Perth 2011 pt4

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