jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

DKSC Twitter Updates

  • 10:42 stellarfour | James Marsters didn't narrate the new Harry Dresden audiobook: Does the Reader of an Audiobook Matter? bit.ly/qncLBi #
  • 10:45 AVClub | #BUFFY / #ANGEL "Habeas Corpses"/"Potential" (James Marsters #Spike ments): avc.lu/pYNQo4 #JamesMarsters #JossWhedon #
  • 11:30 @carlyhampton500 I'll follow you over the con wknd, but I can't follow too many people, otherwise the program I use doesn't show all tweets #
  • 19:24 RT @lizohanesian | Just interviewed James Marsters. You'll find out why next week. #

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