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James Marsters Chicago Comic Con Videos x 10 (inc concert, Q&A+) | YouTube

Here are 10 James Marsters Wizard World Chicago Comic Con videos, including concert & Q&A footage, & a birthday message for a fan; with thanks to ashanderson523, Sarah09irish17, mrmole1, & sweetangela20:

James Marsters Concert at Chicago Comic Con 2011- Bad

James Marsters Concert at Chicago Comic Con 2011- Dangerous


James Marsters Panel CCC 08-14-11 Part I

During this panel, James discusses his British accent when portraying Spike on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer as well as how the character came to be

James Marsters Panel CCC 08-14-11 Part II

In this section of the panel, James mentions his experiences working with Juliet Landau on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer


James Marsters "Too Fast" 8-13-11

James Marsters "All That She Wanted" 8-13-11

James Marsters "Don't Worry Son" 8-13-11

James Marsters "London City" & "Finer Than Gold" 8-13-11

James Marsters (the rest of the show... 44 mins) 8-13-11


James Happy b-day

My very great friend Matt attended Chicago Comic Con 2011 in August. I was unable to go and was SEVERELY disappointed because I specifically wanted to meet James Marsters. My birthday had just passed by and Matt decided to get me a belated present at Con. James , being the wonderful person and so very appreciative of his fans, did this video for me and sent it home with Matt. By far the best birthday gift I could have gotten!

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