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SUPERNATURAL gets witchy with BUFFY reunion: Your questions, answered! (James Marsters ments)

'Supernatural' gets witchy with 'Buffy' reunion: Your questions, answered!

By Carina Adly MacKenzie
October 18, 2011 7:37 PM ET

spn-buffy-reunion-3.jpg"Supernatural" is bringing its A-game this season, and the fun continues in the fourth episode. We took a sneak peek at this Friday's aptly titled "Shut Up, Dr. Phil," in which Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) take on two witches in need of some serious couples' counseling.

Of course, the witches are played by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alumni Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, in a rare and awesome reunion. These two have awesome chemistry as a husband and wife engaged in a gruesome war of the roses. Spin off, please!

The super-gory episode reminds us of the early seasons, in that the case-of-the-week is chock full of fun twists and turns, but the focus is still on the evolving relationship between Sam and Dean. Though the Winchesters aren't being totally honest with each other -- they've never exactly been open books -- their bond is strong, repaired after last season's ups and downs.

Make sure to tune in on Friday night at 9 p.m. EST -- but in the meantime, we took your Twitter questions about the episode! Read on...

heartTVDforever: Is Jared Padalecki shirtless in this episode?
We're so glad you guys are focused on the deep, emotional plot points. No, Sam is not shirtless, but he is very, very sweaty. Get ready to meet the guy Dean calls "new Sam." New Sam goes for runs.

hannahrodgers: I just miss Castiel.
So does Dean. He's still plagued by nightmares about Castiel, among other things.

V_HaleH_V: Are they gonna address Dean's drinking a bit more in this episode?! Last episode it was mentioned several times, so I'm curious!
It will be addressed... and addressed... and addressed. Dean is self medicating an awful lot, and it's starting to get on Sam's nerves more than usual. There's some drinking-on-the-job happening, which, as you'll remember from Season 2, was once a Winchester faux pas. Let's just say Sam should probably be designated driver all the time now.

spn-buffy-reunion-6.jpgXHRA_20: Why can't the Leviathans find the Winchesters???
Oh, they can. This episode is definitely more of a stand-alone mystery, but the Leviathan who wants to dip the Winchesters in hot cheese and eat them for dinner is still on their trail. They'll get some help from an unexpected ally in that department.

magshinizzle: Did you feel Spike' soul floating around ? ;-)
We'll say this: Marsters and Carpenter are so awesome in this episode that we're about to start campaigning for a return appearance.

TMATOTB: What's the best spell the witches use on each other?
There are lots of good ones - and lots of gross ones. If you'll recall from Season 3, Dean isn't a fan of witches because there tend to be a lot of bodily fluids strewn about when they get heated, and this is no exception. Our favorite spell, however, involves cupcakes. Bleeding cupcakes.

kazamigorical: Is there any brother moments in it? I'm expecting there not to be sadly :(
They're on better terms than they've been in a while, but Dean isn't really opening up to Sam. He's getting tired of the job, as we saw last week, and Sam knows that something's wrong and wants to help. The good news is, their problems aren't with each other, for once.

FudginRenegade: Ok, perhaps not directly related to this week's episode, but what the hell is Crowley up to??? I am so curious!!!
Crowley isn't in this episode, but we will see him next week, riding in style. We got the scoop from executive producer Sera Gamble about his next move.

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