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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

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James Marsters Mid-Ohio Comic Con Videos x 4 | YouTube
con news
Here are 4 videos of James Marsters from Wizard World's Mid-Ohio Comic Con; with thanks to Jackvampyr, SlayerKitty00, & mysticalweather:

Me questioning James Marsters

My Girlfriend Elizabeth embarassing James Marsters


Untitled Song - James Marsters (Mid-Ohio Con 2011)

I was at the James Marsters panel on Sunday (10-23-11) at Mid-Ohio Con. He dared us to try and embarrass him, and a girl in the audience shameless plugged his band's (Ghost of the Robot) upcoming album (out 11-15-11) and asked him to play us a song on her guitar. SO HE DID.

I apologize for the crappy video. I have no idea why it's out of focus. My camera sucks. BUT THE AUDIO IS AMAZING. I also have no idea what this song is called, so if someone could tell me, that would be awesome. :D


For Jessie

Mid Ohio Comic Con 2011, Amber decides to point our friend Jessie out to James Marsters for special attention...